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All Things Wild

Wildlife Artist Steve Von Hagen’s love for Mother Nature and all of her Wild Things drew him to the art of taxidermy. Steve operates Team Tundra Wildlife Artists – in the heart of Western Canada!

Over 30 years experience

Leave it to the experts; Steve and his team have been creating memories through taxidermy since 1991!

Cabelas Lifesize Whitetail Deer work.jpg
Jan Decker Blue Wildebeest.JPG

Historians of Nature

Our clients are historians of nature.  It is through your appreciation & respect for Mother Nature & the artistic preservation of your Trophies that you are ensuring that the legacy of our Wildlife will live on for generations to come.  It is to this endeavor that we use convincing natural habitat settings to capture the splendor of God’s creatures.


We have been there... the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, the barren grounds of the Far North, the sub-zero winter climate of the Prairies, and the scorching heat of Africa.

We understand the sacrifice, endurance, commitment, and passion that comes with the pursuit of Wild Game!

Yukon Territory

Team Tundra Wildlife Artists

A business is only as good as the people who work together to make it thrive. We are so fortunate to have developed relationships with a large pool of world class talent that we can draw on when required.

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